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Party planning

Tis the season for festive fun but the irony is that you’re probably feeling duller than a dead Christmas tree just when you want to be dazzling like a glittering bauble.
Party Planning

"In the pre Christmas period women skin tends to become noticeably dry, dull and dehydrated due to heating and cold weather," says Emma. "The body also tends to get a bit sluggish at this time of year and can not flush out toxins as efficiently and with parties and excess food and drink, the skin can become puffy and out of balance."

It is not exactly the look for magic under the mistletoe or flattering Facebook party pics but you can help your skin through the party season with some extra care. Addressing the internal challenges of pressing, stressful pre Christmas deadlines and a heaving social calendar is vital. Make sure you’re fortifying your body with extra nutrients from fresh foods and warming soups and stews with seasonal root vegetables and make sure you’re the vitamins to see off winter bugs by supplementing your diet where necessary. Emma takes 2000mg of Solgar’s vitamin C and a multi B vitamin daily to keep pace with her busy lifestyle.

For external skin prep you can make the most of your cleansing and moisturising routine to both de-stress and massage the gleam back into your skin. Focussing intently on the sensations of the products and hot water on your skin, how the skin feels under your fingertips and the glorious smells around you, turns a simple face washing routine into a meditation on mindfulness that will help you step out of the mental chatter that knocks you off centre. Massaging your skin deeply with your fingertips and Emma's microfibre face cloths, meanwhile, helps boost the skin's circulation and restore vibrancy. "Facial massage and facial buffing stimulate the hydration, tone and brightness of the skin," confirms Emma. "Use lashings of Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm and mix with the Amazing Face Moringa Foaming Cleansing Wash to make a pre party plumping brightening mask, leave on for ten minutes then massage well and remove with your hot steamy microfibre cloth." If your skin is especially pale and dry the Amazing Face Rejuvenating Night Cream is specifically for you. "The rejuvenating night cream is cream for a pale dry skin. Its unique blend of oils, peptides, platinum and algae really put the spring and radiance into all skins, I love to buff it with a dry microfibre cloth twice a week to help brighten and remove the excess build up of dull dehydrated skin."

Seasonal product focus
The Professional Starter Kit £32 is the beauty aficionados answer to the chocolate selection box. A capsule collection of Emma’s bestsellers, it includes the Moringa cleansing Balm, Microfibre Cloth, Rosehip Exfoliating Seeds, AM/PM Moisturising Cream and Professional Eye Serum in handy sizes that are ideal for travel or getting to know the range. And it will feed your face in a much healthier way than a handful of Quality Street.

What we’re loving...

  • Homespun Christmas cards livening up our living rooms
  • Wearing Toast's flannel pyjamas ( and Shepherd's Sheepskin Slipper Socks (£59.99; for cosy duvet days.
  • Warming our bodies with fresh grated ginger tea, sipped throughout the day.
  • Eco friendly floristry courtesy of Pretty Delicious ( whose edible bouquets come with handy recipe cards so nature’s fruits don't go to waste when they start to wilt.

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