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Womans Way - 19/11/2015

Your skin is looking a bit dull after too many late nights

What To Do:

Skincare guru Emma Hardie says, "Always be careful about super quick skin fixes especially during the party season. We love bright skin but some of the off-the-shelf skin exfoliating pads, masks and serums can over stimulate your skin especially if you are sensitive and dry. Always check the level of the active ingredient and do a patch test first. I like to take things gently and prepare my skin daily in advance. Try the Emma Hardie Moringa Foaming Wash (€41) which contains gentle brightening pumpkin enzymes. For best results massage onto your skin then buff away any dull skin using a dry Microfibre cloth (this will help to really brighten the skin and help to remove dull skin and blackheads), then wash your face.”