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Glamour - 01/02/2016

5 Switch-Ups Your Skin Will Love

Revolutionise your regime with these tips from the pros, says Grace Timothy.

1) Moisturise... With Your Cleanser?

"If your skin is a bit dry, add a drop of oil to your cleanser," says A-list facialist Abigail James, "Even if you use a foaming or cream cleanser, this little trick will work perfectly."

2) Massage In Line

"The skin absorbs in lines rather than in circles, so when you massage product on to your face, work with the grain of your facial tissue in a linear motion rather than a circular," says facialist Emma Hardie. "Hold the skin taut with one hand and with the other, draw downwards towards the jawline. Your creams and oils will absorb far better."

3) Reverse The Order

When applying skincare products, you generally apply the thinnest first so that each molecule can be absorbed without being blocked by larger molecules before it. So, hyaluronic acid products go on first. Until now! "If your serums and creams have a high water content, apply your HA products on top," says Nausheen Qureshi, founder of Elethea. "It will act as a hydrating agent on top and still absorb well."

4) Wipe Before You Tan

"Sweep a wipe over your face and neck before tanning, then splash with cold water for a few minutes," says tan expert James Read. "This removes any old tan, and 'seals' the pores against staining, so self tan goes on seamlessly."

5) Chill Out

"I store my skincare products in the fridge," says Nicole Arnoldussen, founder of Starskin. "Applying cold products to the skin helps to reduce puffiness and improve circulation."