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The Irish News - 03/05/2010

Natural Face Cleansing At Home

HAVING truly clean skin is the foundation of the best skincare regime.

All too commonly women – and men! – skimp on their cleanser, opting to invest in their moisturiser instead, but that classic trio of cleanse, tone and moisturise needs to have balance at each point for optimum skincare results. As someone who suffered from teenage acne, and still suffers breakouts of adult acne, cleansing has been almost an obsession since my teenage years.

However, over-cleansing can be damaging too so achieving the cleanest pores possible without over stripping the skin has literally been my holy grail of skincare.

Eve Lom and Liz Earle’s cleansers are the top of the range products and with the recent launch of Elemis’ anti-ageing cleanser I thought I’d found my ultimate. But the beauty industry is always unveiling new products and I’ve had my socks knocked off with the discovery of Emma Hardie’s Professional Cleansing System £39) which has just been launched in Space NK stores in Belfast.

The complete cleansing and exfoliating system, allows customised application to meet the specific needs of the skin and contains a large tub of Moringa Cleansing Balm, a small tub of Rosehip and Emma’s amazing cleansing cloth.

The Moringa Cleansing balm is a multi use product – somewhere between Eve Lom’s iconic cleanser and Liz Earle’s wonderbalm, this product can be used as a cleanser, as a soothing and softening mask as well as a universal rescue balm for dry skin conditions.

To cleanse, the balm should be mixed with a little warm water and massaged into the skin. The balm melts away makeup and is removed with the double-sided cloth.

Skin is left feeling incredibly clean, smooth and supple; never tight.

I was impressed with the balm and the cloth and then (big dramatic pause!) I tried the Aromatherapy Infused Rosehip Exfoliating Seeds and was wowed all over again. I do prefer to use a manual scrub to exfoliate and really work around the nose and blackhead prone areas and always go for a product with dense micro beads as some scrubs with natural ingredients like apricot kernal can actually damage your pores with their uneven shape and sharp edges. The superfine particles of the rosehip seeds felt amazing on my skin. When removed with the damp wash cloth my skin looked like it had been polished – it is as close an ‘at home experience’ to the jet peel for cleaning and exfoliating – plus with Emma’s facial sculpting techniques there is also the ability to lift and sculpt the face too.