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Going for gold with your skincare routine

As the Olympics countdown reaches its final hurdle and images of our hopefuls abound, team Emma Hardie isn’t just lusting after their honed physiques.
Going for gold with your skincare routine

No – it is their vibrant skin that has us thinking about upping our activity levels to emulate the glow that comes with being fit.

It makes sense when you think of the abundant physiological effects of exercise. "Exercise improves our body's circulation which means that more oxygen and blood reach our skin, leaving it brighter," explains Emma. "It also boosts the lymphatic system so more toxins are removed from the face and by relaxing the whole body and upping our levels of endorphins, exercise melts away tension in the body, including the face."

The simple act of sweating prompted by working out is invaluable for the skin as it is one of the main ways for toxins to exit the body. "A vigorous workout is like a DIY sauna for removing impurities from the pores."

So, if vanity is the main incentive for hitting the gym or digging out your trainers, we advise maximising the benefits by tweaking your skincare routine. Warm up with a deep cleanse pre-workout: "I always take my make-up off before exercising," says Emma. "Not only does most make-up contain toxins but it forms an occlusive layer on the skin's surface that prevents toxins escaping." Spend a few minutes massaging pea-sized amount of Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm into the skin before steaming off with one of the microfiber cloths it comes with - this helps clean and open the pores so they are ready to excrete any debris the body no longer needs when you start to sweat. For increased benefits, scatter a few of the exfoliating moringa beads into your cleanser to lift away dead skin cells that could block pores.

Post workout, don't forget to cool down your face as you should your body. A second cleanse to remove the grime you have perspired followed by a cold compress held against the skin for a few seconds helps to close the pores and calm the skin, leaving it clear, luminous and fighting fit.

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