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Body Beautiful

Are you one of the many for whom the dawning of a new year is like an automatic alert to join the gym, take up jogging or indulge in at least a few pre-breakfast sun salutations? Yes, us too.
Body Beautiful

Stick with it and besides the feel-good endorphins racing around your system, you will probably soon be flaunting a leaner, lither physique too. But have you given a thought to your skin?

January is a great time to install a good bodycare regime as well as a new fitness plan too, so that your skin is as toned and refined as your muscles by the time your enter those flesh-baring spring months. "The new year is a good time to start prepare for the warmer months," says Emma. "Christmas is very indulgent period of excess, more alcohol, sugary foods that makes the whole body feel saturated. When we go into a new year, we naturally want to leave behind the excesses of the year before and start afresh with a more balanced body."

With that in mind, she has come up with an ultra luxurious body duo that promises to plump and polish your body in the same way that her cult skincare does many a perky face.

The Natural Lift and Sculpt Body Treatment (£46) is a pretty pastel pink scrub/mask hybrid based containing rebalancing Himalayan salt, china clay and exfoliating pumpkin enzyme. It gently loosens dead skin cells when buffed over limbs, or helps to clear up spots and congestion when left to work its magic for 5-10 minutes before being rinsed off. "Excess drinking and partying deplete the body of salt and, as Himalayan salt contains 82 of the body's trace minerals, it really helps balance the body," says Emma. "Plus the clay content makes it brilliant on spotty backs and arms as it draws out toxins."

Follow with the Natural Lift and Sculpt Body Butter (£49), an exquisitely emollient yet non-greasy paste that feels like a snug second skin. Made using shea butter and Peruvian inca inchi oils, it is jam-packed with omega oils that strengthen the skin’s lipid barrier, helping it retain the moisture that winter so often leaches from our skin. It is so nourishing you can use it everywhere. We love its ability to fill and soften cracked heels so – a few more months – and we reckon, as well as being bikini-ready, we're headed for a seamless transition into sandal season too.

Seasonal Product Focus
Emma's top tip is to layer up the Amazing Face Rejuvenating Night Cream (£56) to get dry, lacklustre, overly central-heated skin gleaming again. "Put on one coat massaging it in well, then use the microfibre face cloth to buff the face, encouraging any dry patches to flake away," she recommends. "Then apply another layer to seal in moisture."

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