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Emma Hardie Amazing Face - Best New Brand Prestige 2011

So to the Intercontinental Hotel Park Lane on May 20th for the so-billed ‘Oscars of the beauty industry’ - the CEW (UK) awards luncheon

to see if team Emma Hardie had succeeded in fending off the competition to scoop the prize for Best New Brand - Prestige.

There were celebrities: Gavin & Stacey star and new face of Superdrug Joanna Page charmed the audience by presenting an award in her thickest Welsh accent while Lisa Snowden bopped on-stage. There was a loose Liz Taylor theme accompanied by jaunty 1950s music that ushered the 24 winners swiftly up to the podium and quickly off again. There was a skilful compère in the form of Harrods Fashion and Beauty Director Marigay McKee who even managed to riff off the fact that not one of the attractive British faces gathered twitched a muscle on hearing the word orgasm (Nars Orgasm Illuminator was a winner): "no wonder men prefer the Latins," she quipped.

And then there were the real stars of the show – the products that managed to laud support from some of the most discerning beauty devotees. CEW (UK) (Cosmetic Executive Women) is a transatlantic networking club for prs, journalists, founders of brands and marketeers that is designed to nurture talent and raise money for the charity 'The Eve Appeal'. Starting out in the US in 1954 and springing up in France in 1986, CEW's 1992-founded UK branch now has over 900 members so a prize from them is a big deal.

It is therefore with great pride that we can announce that they voted Emma Hardie Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Skincare Best New Brand - Prestige. As a huge whoop of delight range out from the room, Emma hurtled to the stage, a vision in champagne-coloured silk, gathering praise from CEW (UK)’s Chairman Caroline Neville on the way and giving the crowd a little taste of the exuberance and warmth her clients love her for.

"It is overwhelming and by far the biggest achievement to date," she confessed later. "When you’re accepted by the big boys (or should I say big girls) of CEW (UK), it is a real endorsement."
Why does she think the industry has fallen for her range? "I think it is a combination of the exciting ingredients, yummy textures and the passion and integrity behind it. We don't just give people good products that work but my unique take on the skin means customers learn how to really hone, treat and heal their skin themselves."

Indeed, it isn’t just the way the Moringa Balm gently dissolves grime while caressing the skin with its silken formula, or the way the marine algae and hyaluronic acid in the serums and moisturisers erase wrinkles, but the fact that they encourage us to take a moment of stillness to reconnect with our skin and ourselves and reap the benefits of the techniques that have made Emma one of the UK’s most wondrous facialists.

Skin Clinic

Q: I have several jaunts away planned over the summer but find that flying always leaves my skin parched and instantly older-looking. Is there anything I can do to soften the impact?

A: Moisture-starved cabin atmospheres have a way of sucking up the skin's hydration if we don't carefully hold onto it. The best defence tactics are to ingest plenty of water, and to seal the skin's barrier so the moisture content stays locked in. "Make sure you have a glass of water to sip at all times during the flight so you get a constant drip-effect of moisture entering your system," advises Emma. "It is a good idea to pack fruits such as grapes and melon as these have a massive water content and are allowed in hand luggage."

To make sure your skin preserves all this extra moisture, your skincare routine needs to be double-edged, combining a skin-quenching serum laden with antioxidants and hydrating ingredients followed by a rich nourishing barrier cream to lock it into the skin. "My Moringa Balm is an excellent top layer," says Emma. "Massage it into the skin to boost circulation, increasing the supply of hydrating nutrients to the cells." If you’re flying long haul, reapplying your protective top layer is as crucial as toping up your sun cream: "Wash your face and reapply your defence products every few hours," says Emma.

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Seasonal Product Focus

There's a fine line between looking dewy and sweat-drenched on balmy summer days but the featherweight Amazing Face Hydrating Lighter Lotion (£38) keeps you on the flattering side of the divide. "The body produces more oil in hot weather so you don't need as rich a cream as at other times,£ explains Emma. Its antioxidant-enhanced marine algae content means it is a great way to reinforce your sun protector too and, left in the fridge overnight, the minty formula becomes as refreshing as an ice lolly on the beach.

Latest news update Tune into QVC UK at 5pm on 5th June to see Emma’s amazing face-sculpting techniques for yourself in her next show.