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Skin Care Treatments

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Natural Lift and Sculpting Facial

Natural Lift and Sculpting Facial

Emma Hardie's unique, non-invasive Natural Lift and Sculpting Facial treatment uses a ground-breaking technique which helps to stimulate and repair the facial cells and tissue.

The skin is thoroughly cleansed and prepared, and then a manual skin and muscle softening technique helps to instantly release any restrictions and tension held in the face, enabling an unrestricted flow of energy, nutrients and oxygen to all areas of the skin and muscles. Having woken the skin up, the natural frequencies used then stimulate the skin cells to move into a state of rejuvenation. The cells instantly start to regenerate, repair, respire, expand and detoxify. The result is that the rejuvenated skin is thermally charged, softer, plumper, luminous and more elastic. Then by using a deep tissue technique, the newly awakened skin and muscle is sculpted to encourage the newly soft, energised tissue into its original, more youthful contours.

This facial is more than just cosmetic. The treatment encourages the body into a deep state of relaxation and can also help with migraine relief, sinus problems, head, neck and shoulder tension, depression, menopause, grief and insomnia.

The Emma Hardie Natural Lift and Sculpting Facial will give you instant and noticeable results after one session. For a more reconstructive effect it is advisable to have two or three treatments close together, followed by monthly treatments for maintenance and longer lasting results.

The Science of Youthful Skin

the science of youthful skin

Achieving youthful skin is actually very easy, and you need look no further than yourself. From the day you were conceived, your body was on a non-stop mission to build you. Your body, each day, is programmed to build and repair every tissue and every cell that makes you. You have within your being everything you need for skin rejuvenation. One of the main ingredients of skin rejuvenation is pure energy and the philosophy and foundation of Emma's work is based on the study of energy and Bioelectrics (the study of cell rejuvenating fields produced by plants and animals).

The Natural Lift and Sculpting Facial use mainly bio-electrical energy. The bio- electrical energy used is actually part of the electromagnetic energy system. It's this powerful natural energy that heals and lifts the skin. It works because for optimum cell health we need both chemical energy (in the form of proteins, fats, essential oils) and electrical energy in the form of electromagnetic light healing energy.

Emma Hardie Consultations

Emma Hardie Consultations

Emma Hardie offers one-to-one consultations and workshops at Space NK Apothecary stores nationwide. At each consultation, Emma shares her knowledge on how she sees the skin responding to touch and energy.

Clients learn how to lift, firm, plump and contour the skin and muscle on the face. This technique lasts a lifetime and with daily practice the skin will become visibly softer and more youthful.

These sculpting techniques are also good for clients who are thinking of having or have had already more invasive procedures on their face surgery, peels or injections by helping support and maintain facial treatments.

The technique encourages a deep state of relaxation, similar to meditation, and the same is true when practised at home. The exercises whilst helping to tone the muscle of the face and neck can help relieve aches and tensions from the day.

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