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Emma Hardie Newsletter June 2013

Despite the unpredictable climate, all it takes is a sunny few hours to remind us of the power of nature at its full potential to infuse us with a deep sense of wellbeing.

Spring and summer’s full boughs of blossom and flowerbeds more colourful than an artist’s palette are deeply rejuvenating to the mind.

Our skin too comes to life with the help of nature as we spend more time outdoors, drinking in oxygen and gearing up our exercise routines as the body wakes up with a natural energy kick. But what about using nature more directly to inject vitality back into our skin?

Plant extracts have been used topically for thousands of years but now beauty products are being cross-fertilised with technology from other industries to deliver super-powered natural youth elixirs. Welcome the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Age Support Treatment Cream.

Benefitting from the latest in stem cell research, this decadent anti-ageing cream contains potent extracts of bio-engineered edelweiss stem cell extracts, a hardy plant renowned for its ability to withstand harsh winters and still exude outer beauty. "Edelweiss is an amazingly powerful antioxidant so helps slow down the signs of ageing. Fresh plant extracts are so potent and are packed with naturally active and 'alive' enzymes, proteins, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and moisturising agents and this is one of the most effective ingredients out there,” explains Emma.

Performing a nifty three point turn in anti-ageing, the Age Support Treatment Cream not only uses stem cell technology to deliver a powerful, protective antioxidant to the skin, it also gets to work on the physical structure of the skin and hydration levels. "This cream is a first as far as natural lifting, anti-sagging and smoothing creams go as it uses a unique marine algae-based polymer film matrix which is used as edible film in the food industry,” explains Emma. "This is an amazing ingredient and what gives the cream its special gel-like texture and helps to lift and smooth lines. We also use hyaluronic acid spheres which sit in the lines and fill and expand with your own moisture which it then saves and drip feeds back to your own skin. And there are natural peptides from avocado too which boost the body's own production of hyaluronic acid, delivering extra plumpness and moisture.”

Apply it morning and evening, warming it between fingertips to activate the ingredients and then press it into the skin to help it absorb. The skin feels instantly soothed by the quenching texture and you can rest assured that nature is continuing to work its healing magic as the ingredients start to power up your skin’s own anti-ageing elements.

Make yourself feel good by...

Stretching! Wake up your body, mind and soul with yoga and gentle stretching exercises. Emma has long advocated working on the connective tissue in the face for reverting contours to their youthful dimensions; the body too can benefit from deep stretches that help unlock restrictions in the connective tissue (or fascia), giving a physical and emotional freeing.

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There have been exciting developments at Emma Hardie HQ, the brand new shiny website is up and running, with details of the entire Emma Hardie Amazing Face range as well as tips and tools to navigate your way to great skin naturally, visit