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Holiday Glow

There's a reason we often look our best when we've been away - and it isn't just about having a tan that momentarily camouflages our skin's flaws
Woman applying sunscreen

In fact, while a sun-soaked stint requires us to buffer our skin against the ageing free radicals and UV rays with adequate sunscreen and shade, the real complexion cure comes from having had a break from our normal stresses that gives skin a chance to recalibrate itself.

"There are so many hormone-related skin problems such as acne and acne eosacea around at the minute," says Emma. "When you are stressed, your hormones become unbalanced. Your body produces cortisol which causes catabolic deterioration of the tissues - it is the opposite of the way anabolic steroids build the musces."

Stepping out of your normal routine where you can escape deadlines, wake up when your body wants and yur only obligation is to amuse yourself is essential, not just for your sanity but also for your skin. "Holidays change your breathing and allow the whole nervous system to relax," says Emma. "Your body starts to produce less adrenalin as it doesn't feel it needs to be constantly on the go and your skin has a chance to calm down."

Even if your holiday isn't for a while, or you're having a 'staycation' at home this year, there's plenty you ca do. Treatments such as Emma's healing facial that alter the frequency of the brainwaves are ideal for infusing skin with the glow it usually only derives from a good rest. By working quietly and meditatively using slow strokes and moments of stillness, it takes the body into a theta state where its own self-healing mechanism kicks in. It is the way forward in facial rejuvenation as more people recognise that a vibrant appearance is the result of internal contentedness.

If your skin is stress-addled, incorporate rituals and products into your at-home routine that have a relaxing effect. At Emma Hardie many of the products incorporate deeply relaxing ingredients as we know that great skin requires a sunny disposition, as much as it does external polishing. Take time to soak in a bath laden with Himalayan salts as these are incredibly detoxifying, peeling away the electromagnetic energy we are surrounded in our computer-centric lifestyles - coat your body in the Himalayan salt-rich Amazing Face Natural Lift & Sculpt Body Treatment before hopping in the tub for a bath destined to unravel. For your face, Emma's Amazing Face Natural Lift & Sculpt AM/PM Hydrating Treatment Moisturiser is a must. Cannily it contains DHEA, a hormone found naturally in the body, that works to prevent carbolic breakdown of the tissues so, even if your body is pushing out cortisol in a frenzied state, you can maintain the status quo from the outside

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