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About Emma

Considered a leading pioneer in natural healing and skin rejuvenation, Emma Hardie is the most accomplished Holistic facialist in the UK today.

Emma Hardie

In 1996, Emma debuted her Natural Lift & Sculpting Facial to rave reviews from the beauty press and celebrity clients. Her goal was to deliver firmer, plumper skin without harsh ingredients or invasive techniques, and to end the search for a ‘miracle in a bottle’. Emma has achieved this by empowering her clients to treat their own skin at home, using unique massage and application techniques to make it more resilient to the passing of time.

Emma’s success as a facialist is due to her understanding of the whole body, and her dedication to treating the skin ‘from the bone up’. Her own experiences in self-healing after a period of illness, combined with personal research into cellular healing and a long-held fascination with the wonders of the human face, has lead to an unrivalled commitment to new and radical approaches in the field of skincare and alternative health.

"...Designed to suit all skin types and to work with the skin’s natural functions..."

In September 2009 Emma built on the principles of her unique facial technique by introducing her award-winning Amazing Face skincare system; a simple but effective capsule collection that has now grown into a must-have range of multi-functioning daily essentials. Designed to suit all skin types and to work with the skin’s natural functions to plump, firm and brighten, Emma Hardie Amazing Face products combine the benefits of targeted botanicals with Emma’s in-depth knowledge of the skin’s anatomy, to support complexions of all ages and address a wide range of skin concerns.